It was in 1908, over 100 years ago, that the novel Anne of Green Gables was first published. Over 50 million copies of the story have been sold since that time.


Having been translated into 20 different languages, the book exposed people around the world to beautiful descriptions of “Avonlea” and the community created by author Lucy Maud Montgomery. If you were one of the millions of people who fell in love with the stories of the red-headed girl, you can step directly into that world on Prince Edward Island.


Anne of Green Gables Heritage Place

First, visit Green Gables Heritage Place, the home that inspired the setting of Montgomery’s novel. This is where it all began. Walk through the rooms of the Victorian home, restored to the period of the late 1800s, and picture yourself as the red-headed girl. Experience farm life in the barn, granary and woodshed. Stroll the ‘Haunted Woods’ and ‘Balsam Hollow’ trails described in the book. You’ll love the setting as much as the story.

Anne of Green Gables Heritage Place recreates the late 1800s

Why stop at the home? Head into Avonlea Village, a real-life recreation of L.M. Montgomery’s fictional town. For 15 years, this attraction has allowed fans to browse shops and period buildings just as Anne did. Recently, Avonlea also underwent a revitalization. Now, a number of small shops and restaurants have moved in, turning the village into a great place to enjoy a meal. Chow down on a lobster roll or some grilled cheese before shopping for artisan souvenirs.

Do your best Anne of Green Gables impressions

Finally, sing along with the longest running musical in the world. Anne of Green Gables - the musical has been drawing in crowds for over 50 successive seasons and shows no signs of stopping. Hosted in Charlottetown’s beautiful Confederation Centre of the Arts, you won’t want to miss it.


And, for the absolute super fans, Tourism PEI has put together a three-day Anne of Green Gables itinerary that brings together all of these experiences and more. Head to their website for more details on how to explore.

Travel Info

Fly into:


Flight times:

About 5h45m from Boston, 9h with layovers from Los Angeles

Drive time:

About 10h from Boston, 13h45m from New York City

Cost of admission - Green Gables Heritage Place:

Between $3.90 and $7.80 for adults depending on the season. Free for youth.

Ticket cost for Anne of Green Gables - the musical:

$29 CAD (approximately $21.50 USD) 

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