Vacations of the Brave, a unique travel docu-series now streaming on Amazon Prime Video, is a first-hand look at how a trip to Canada can enrich your life. The friendly, welcoming people, awe-inspiring destinations, and powerful cultural and natural experiences will leave you with memories for a lifetime, and maybe even a new perspective to take home.


Watched the show and want to plan your own vacation to Canada? Check out this list of amazing experiences across the country and start packing your bags.

The Caribana Festival in Toronto, Ontario.


From the exciting urban life and density of Toronto and Ottawa, to the wilds of the Great Lakes and Northern Ontario, the possibilities are endless in Ontario. In Vacations of the Brave, Dallas ice cream shop owner Tom and his star employee, Kalin, venture to Ontario, Canada, where they freestyle in the Caribbean Carnival, hoop dance at a First Nations Pow Wow, explore underwater shipwrecks and come to a powerful realization about the power of inclusion.

Museum of Anthropology

British Columbia


British Columbia (BC) is where the Pacific Ocean meets bustling city and towering forest; where mountains give way to picturesque valleys, and where vibrant urban life is fused with the nature that surrounds it. In Vacations of the Brave, friends and fashion designers, Angela Luna and Autumn Beckens, abandon the familiarity of their urban world for the rugged beauty of Haida Gwaii, British Columbia. In the shadow of towering, 1000-year-old cedar trees, the young women learn about the true strength of their own spirit.

Dining on the Ocean Floor in Nova Scotia

New Brunswick and Nova Scotia


Sitting on the east coast of Canada, the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia are host to endless coastal beauty, delicious seafood, and a unique, musical mixture of Gaelic and French cultures. In Vacations of the Brave, Eric and Corey, a transgendered father and daughter, travel there from Southern Michigan. They fish for lobster, call to seals, dance a jig and, most importantly, find the acceptance they are seeking.

Mandy Harvey in Vacations of the Brave


From the magical culture and vibrancy of Montreal, to the contrast of old world and modern comfort in Quebec City, and the charm and friendliness of its small communities, Quebec is a destination for discovery. On Vacations of the Brave, Mandy Harvey, a musician and singer who lost her hearing at the age of 18, and her father Joe travel to the French Canadian province on a quest to push their own limits and try new things. After exploring an interactive light show in the middle of the forest, busking in the shadow of a historic hotel, and jumping (reluctantly) out of a plane, there’s no doubt they succeeded.

Windswept Newfoundland

Discover the charm of Newfoundland and Labrador on the east coast of Canada. From the friendly locals to farm-to-table food, to the stunning ocean vistas, Newfoundland is a place that will steal your heart. On Vacations of the Brave, LA producer Tamika Lamison and her brother Cleve reunite in Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada, to discover how getting back to the land and nature can bring them closer together.  Watch as they eat with local chefs, hike and forage, ride in helicopters and learn about how this magical place touched the lives of so many Americans during 9/11.

Skating on Lake Louise


Head west to experience a testament to the power of nature. From ancient glaciers to the Rocky Mountains, Alberta is the ultimate destination to explore nature's playground. On Vacations of the Brave, Rob Scheer finds the time to reflect and recharge from his day-to-day of running a charity and raising four adopted kids with his husband, Reece. Follow Rob and Reece as they learn to ride, ski, skate, and dance, all under the watchful eye of the majestic Canadian Rockies.


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