Canada is known the world over for its special brand of “nice.” While many think of our welcoming people, to us, nice means so much more. From our rich history and diverse cultures to stunning natural beauty, iconic foods and just plain old humble Canadian pride, there’s a lot of nice contained within these borders.


Helmed by the creators of the Broadway musical Come From Away, Irene Sankhoff & David Hein, a varied roster of influential Canadians have lent their voices to This is Canada Nice, including Canadian cast members from Come From Away. Notable additions joining the song include Rita Baga, celebrated Quebecois drag queen; iskwē, Indigenous singer-songwriter; Roberta Bondar, Canada's first female astronaut and first neurologist in space, in addition to influential authors, athletes and artists.


In a time when the world could use a little more of it, we’re here to remind travellers of what will be ready to welcome them back when the time comes.

NICE is not one place or thing, it’s a mosaic, a global village, a pickup game, we pass the puck to be.

Barbour Living Heritage Village, Newton, Newfoundland and Labrador

NICE is for a moment, putting down your dystopian novel
In a Muskoka chair
Opening your eyes knowing this world can be NICE.

Red Chairs at Lake Edith, Jasper National Park - credit: Parks Canada/Ryan Bray

NICE is celebrating traditions and welcoming newcomers in over two hundred languages
I say “NICE,” you say...

Manitoulin Island, Ontario - credit: Great Spirit Circle Trail

GÉNIAL, le français d’un océan à l’autre, allant du joual jusqu’au chiac, l’hiver est tellement beau mais attache ta tuque parce qu’y fait frette!


NICE is the French (language) from coast to coast, going from joual to chiac, ah winter is so beautiful, but hang tight to your toque cause it’s real cold!

Rimouski, Quebec - credit: Destination Canada

NICE tastes like BeaverTails, ketchup chips and Nanaimo bars, With every local bakery debating if raisins makes butter tarts.

BeaverTails at Byward Market, Ottawa - credit: Ottawa Tourism

NICE is prizing science, the environmentinventions, innovations like insulinpacemakers… and basketball!

Jasper National Park, Alberta - credit: Parks Canada/Ryan Bray

NICE is honoring our elders, educating for the future, acknowledging this land, respecting those who’ve always been here.

Indigenous Tourism Experiences in Canada - credit: Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada

GÉNIAL, c’est la fierté de nos défilés, la gaîté dans nos villages. C’est de rêver à la coupe, pis de goûter au sirop d’érable.


NICE is the pride in our parades, the happiness in our villages to dream about the cup, and taste the maple syrup.

Kensington Market, Toronto - credit: Destination Canada

NICE as the Rock and the Rockies, wide as the prairie sky, as high as Niagara Falls– hey dude, check out OUR side!

Journey Behind the Falls, Niagara Falls, Ontario - credit: Niagara Parks Commission

NICE is celebrating Viola DesmondLaura Secord and Klondike KateEmily StoweRita Joe, and all the women who made this great place NICE.

Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site, Alberta - credit: Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site

NICE is Alberta steak, poutine after going to the bars, Dim Sum with the family, Arctic Char , Kissing the cod au gratin.

Richmond Night Market - credit: Destination Canada

NICE is a secret code we’ve trained the world to call us, so they visit other places, because Canada? Nah, it’s just NICE...

Aurora Village, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories - credit: Aurora Village

NICE is we the North, we the champs, we the red and the white, we see thee rise, not just nice, 
this is CANADA NICE.

Canada Day Concert

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