Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and American Top Chef winner Kristen Kish recently sat down for a meal to swap thoughts on Canadian food and how travelers can make the most of a weekend in the country.


“One of my recommendations would really be to make sure that you combine a little bit of city and countryside,” the Prime Minister said. “You can’t totally get Canada unless you play with both.”


Watch their conversation in the video below.

In between bites of PEI oysters, Quebec crab, and Alberta beef, all prepared by renowned Montreal chef Chuck Hughes at his Garde Manger restaurant, the two foodies talked about what they see as ‘Canadian cuisine.’


“What we have in Canada is an amazing diversity, [and] it really comes out in our food,” the Prime Minister said. “It’s a challenge to try and fall into ‘what is typical Canadian food?’ because there is no ‘typical Canadian.’”


The pair also talked about the diversity of Canadian food and restaurants found in every corner of the country. When asked about navigating the culinary scene, Prime Minister Trudeau suggested talking to the friendly locals and asking them what they like and what they recommend.


“Try to talk to locals. You’ll find they’re friendly and that we all speak the same language.”

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