From coast to coast in Canada, you're sure to find unique and often adorable wildlife. Whether you spot humpback whales in Newfoundland and Labrador, the mysterious Spirit bear in British Columbia, or masjestic bison in Manitoba, Canada is the perfect place to connect with nature.

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Grizzly Bears can stay in their hibernation dens for up to seven months! It’s no surprise they love eating fresh berries and salmon found in the Yukon once the summer comes.

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Bighorn sheep have excellent eyesight and can detect movements over half a mile away, especially handy in their home in Alberta around the Rocky Mountains.

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Arctic ground squirrels usually live in colonies so if you spot one, watch out for friends! This zen arctic ground squirrel was spotted in Carcross, Yukon.

The pika is the smallest representative of the hares and rabbit family (also known as lagomorphs). This one was photographed by Lake Moraine in Alberta.

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The muskrat is a little mammal that’s perfectly suited to aquatic life. Their fur is waterproof and their narrow and laterally flattened tail is used rudder when they swim. You can often spot these little guys across the country, south of the Arctic tundra.

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Not all red foxes are red! Some are black, others brown and some are even silver! This kit (the name for a baby fox) and his mother were photographed in Whitehorse, Yukon.

These furry friends are just a few of the adorable creatures you can find in Canada. Keep discovering more by checking out the natural wonders found throughout the country.

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