We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But what makes it even more important is when it's delicious, local, and shared with friends and travel companions. In Montreal, breakfast and brunch are taken very seriously and On Dejeune, a crew of breakfast aficionados has all the proof, evidenced through these four delectable places to start your day.


Thanks to On Dejeune for the delicious recommendations and mouth-watering photos.

Les Affamés

One of the most renowned brunch spots in the Hochelaga Maisonneuve neighborhood is Les Affamés. Expect nothing less than great food served in a pleasant atmosphere, with boozy brunch cocktails to match. The avocado smoothie comes highly recommended for its velvety texture, as does the golden carrot bread topped with a cheese cream and macadamia nuts mousse. According to most, there are no bad options at this local favorite.

Gonzo Café 

Gonzo Café is a truebreakfast joint. They serve classic dishes (prepared perfectly), as well as special features every day. If you’re a big eater, you definitely won't go hungry after tucking in to one of their decadent breakfasts. This spot is only a few steps away from La Fontaine Parc, ideal to go for a well-deserved (or much needed) post-meal stroll. Insider tip: It's rumored that musician Chilly Gonzalez enjoys this spot, so don’t be surprised if to find him seated at the café’s piano playing a few tunes.

Santa Barbara

This little restaurant is both cute and relaxing. The food is colorful, flavorful and Santa Barbara also offers up a variety of healthy and vegetarian options; ideal when you’re looking for a satisfying and guilt-free brunch. We recommend the salmon gravlax, the banh-mi breakfast sandwich, as well as the shakshuka (baked eggs cooked in a super flavourful tomato sauce). Yum.

Petite Maison

Petite Maison (French for “little house”) is Chef Danny St-Pierre’s new (and delicious) project. Rather than ordering, a la care, this family-style spot features an “all-inclusive” formula where a plethora of dishes are brought to your table continually – meaning you can sample just about everything. Tartare, homemade bread, potatoes, and, most importantly, their unforgettable sugar cream pie served with bacon! You also have to be sure to try the "reverse poutine," which is basically a small, crunchy ball that contains all the elements of the famed French dish – cheese curds, sauce and French fries – all in one compact package.


If you're looking for good food, Montreal certainly serves it up. Discover more tasty travels at the Tourism Montreal website.

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