Experience Nunavut and the Spirit of the Arctic – Northern Canada’s most unique travel destination.

A common phrase amongst locals in Nunavut is “on the land” — often expressed as wanting to “get out on the land.” Traditionally, Inuit have shared a special relationship with the land, which refers to more than the landscape and waters of Nunavut. The land holds the bounty of wildlife and vegetation that provided survival in a harsh environment.

Just like the locals, visitors to Nunavut usually want to take their own rejuvenating and restorative journey on the land, often to see the Arctic wildlife, the amazing scenery, and the historic sites.


To get the most out of your adventure and to ensure you don’t miss a thing, it is important to have local Inuit guides who are passionate about their home and eager to share their knowledge with guests.


Adventures on the land are wide ranging. Local knowledge keepers will lead you to find the best spots for viewing a variety of Arctic wildlife including seals, walrus, whales, many bird species, Arctic fox, Arctic hare, caribou, and polar bears. Your journey may even be a short hike from a community to pick berries or to see unique and breathtaking landscapes.

Traveling by boat can also be considered an “on the land” adventure and your local guide will always know the way to access pristine Arctic vistas, glacial mountains, Arctic wildlife encounters, amazing angling, and untouched historic sites.

Polar Outfitting, based in Iqaluit, is a leading operator for on the land adventures. Owned by a local Inuk, Alex Flaherty, Polar Outfitting leads both locals and visitors on fishing, sightseeing, and boating expeditions. Growing up in Grise Fiord, Nunavut, Alex learned traditional skills needed to hunt and survive in the Canadian North from local hunters. He uses that knowledge and skills to share the beauty of Nunavut with visitors by leading guided trips out on the land.

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