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1. Fishin' at midnight

... or at midday, or whenever you darn well please. These fish don't wear watches. They're biting all the time. 


2. Waterfall rainbows

This scene will be nothing short of magical at any one of these 10 waterfalls. Maybe you're dreaming. To find out, guess you'll have to go ... 


3. Skinnydipping – briefly

Because nothing clears your head like a quick splash in a glacier-fed mountain stream or river


4. Welcoming summer visitors

The critters up here have a wild side. Probably best not to shake their hands. 

5. Watching the Aurora above your campsite

Stay up late enough and you might see the sky go crazy


6. Sailing on Great Slave Lake

This billion-gallon lake has maybe 20 sailboats tops. Find a lonely island and call it your own. 


7. Riding on car ferries

Yes! Free boat rides!


8. Dining at the WildCat Cafe

Yellowknife's legendary pioneer restaurant is open only in the summer. Make it your first Northern meal. 

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9. Napping on a riverbank

Snooze whenever, wherever, you get tired, like on a river to the Arctic. I mean, it's not like you're on a deadline. It's your holiday after all. 


10. Getting up close and personal with vivid tundra foliage

Head out on a hike, then lie face down and stick your nose in our Barrenland flowers. You'll be amazed – it's like a tiny jungle down there. 


11. Four-wheelin' on the beach

Look, sometimes you just want to giv'er. Quadding, as we call it, is a great way to have a splash. 


12. Roadtripping on dusty trails

There's a reason country tunes are always about dirt roads. They're romantic, lonesome and wild. We've got 'em in spades. 

13. Getting in 18 holes after dinner

Golf is surprisingly popular up here. Especially because of the Midnight Sun. It basically won't get dark until September. Fore!


14. Fresh-caught shore lunches

The only thing better than landing a fish is frying in up on the waterfront. 


15. Having bonfires

Because there's something totally primal about sitting around a campfire. 


16. Watching birds on their breeding grounds

Anyone who thinks the Arctic is dreary and dead doesn't know anything about birds. Each summer they flock up here by the gazillions, turning the landscape into a soaring, hooting, honking, flapping madhouse. It's remarkable to see. 

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17. Flying in float planes

Flying a small plane is cool. Landing on water? Even cooler. If we could pick just one vehicle to use for the rest of our life, it would be a float plane. 


18. Driving around with your kayak on your car

Who needs a home when you've got a car and a kayak? Adventure is at your fingertips. 


19. Attending outdoor cultural festivals

Friends, food, and fun in the sun. What could be better? These festivals are great places to spend a long summer day or two.


20. Watching the snowline on the mountains recede

Our alpine snowcaps are like the world's biggest clock, tracking the passage of summer. 

21. Picnicking in the wilderness

Especially when the picnic is at one of Canada's favorite waterfalls


22. RVing to the top of the world

Climb in your Winnebago. Point it north. Don't look back. 


23. Going paddling any time of the day or night

If you've never canoed at 3 am, you haven't lived.


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