British Columbia is known for its nature. From mountaintops to treetops, and lakes to rivers, this province sure has a lot to offer. But you don’t have to be an avid outdoors person to enjoy all the cities and communities that make up Canada’s westernmost province. In fact, what the province boasts in natural wonders almost pales in comparison to the vibrancy of its cities. Here are some of our favorite photos that showcase the abundance of urban and natural beauty that can be explored on your next adventure to BC.

Floating through the day, soaking up the sun

Glacier views and the opportunity to float the day away, Joffre Lakes Provincial Park is the perfect place to take in the unbelievably blue waters after a 2.5-hour hike.

Local beaches are spiked with action

Each summer, Vancouver beaches, like Kitsilano Beach, heat up and make way for late-night volleyball matches. Post-sunset, hop on your bike and cruise into the Kitsilano neighborhood for a nightcap.

The greatest scenery

Go for the legendary Spirit Bear, stay for the nature. The Great Bear Rainforest is a truly special place where, though somewhat remote, you’ll feel more connected than ever.

The leap is worth the payoff

BC’s expansive coastline inspires all sorts of exploration. Head to Lions Bay (or Deep Cove in North Vancouver) and discover every wave and cove from the water.

No risk, no reward, no view

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It’s always sunny...on the Sunshine Coast. Hike to the highest peaks or chill out in local brew pubs — depending on your mood that day.

See it from the seaside

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Ahh Victoria, a charming city that’s as quaint as it is cultural. Explore by land or sea and discover everything from beautiful beaches and quick day trips, to unique restaurants and awesome festivals.

Where the Rockies rock

It may not be gold, but at the end of this rainbow, you’ll find Yoho National Park, home to hiking, canoeing, and more all amidst the Canadian Rockies.

The coast with the most

Where history and beauty find the perfect balance, Haidi Gwaii, off the west coast of BC, is full of natural wonder to explore.

Conquer your fear of heights

See one of the world’s favorite mountain resort towns from the highest and longest gondola in the world. Whether you ski in the winter, explore in the summer, or relax in the Village year round, Whistler is a must-visit BC stop.

Vibrant vineyards light up

You don’t have to head too far north to experience the aurora borealis. BC’s Okanangan is famous for its wine and is just as well known for its scenery — from stunning sunsets to the occasional display of the Northern Lights.

Up above the urban

We love the view from the top, but Vancouver and Stanley Park are even better from the ground. Explore the Seawall, take a dip in the Second Beach Pool, then cap it all off with an adventure into the downtown core for a snack.

Where you wish the day would never end

The Gulf Islands are home to all sorts of eclectic communities to explore — that is if you’re not too tired from staying up to see the sunset and waking up to see the sunrise.


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